Ominous Kit
Wyld Ravin

Ominous Kit

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Ominous Kit or Spiritual Eviction is just that...when Sage isn't enough, when there's a spiritual guest in the house and you want them gone, this is the kit for you. Made from specific essential oils and herbs for the purpose of protection, and eviction. The Ominous kit includes an 8-ounce Ominous candle, a bottle of Sage and Rosemary Myst, a Desert Sage Stick, Abalone shell, Black Copal resin incense, 2 charcoal discs, a Black Tourmaline stone, and a St. Michael's charm, instructions, and a prayer. 

Please use caution when dealing with unwanted energies and/or spirits. If you are unsure as to what to do, I highly encourage you to ask someone who may know what to do or email me and I can assist you in finding the right solution. 

To use, smudge your home first, then place the Ominous candle in the most active room, or central location. Taking the charcoal discs and placing them on a thick layer of salt or dirt in a dish, light the charcoal until it begins to spark and continue sparking. Carefully place a piece of Black Copal resin on the charcoal, and begins to sage the house with the desert sage. Carry with the piece of Black Tourmaline and St Michael charm. Say the prayer with conviction as you make your way through the house. 

I hand pour each batch of candles and colors may vary a bit because of this, but I take great care with each candle I make. I use only soy wax and cotton wicks for the healthiest and cleanest burns, I use therapeutic grade essential oils, and at times pure fragrance oils. My candles are free of phthalates, lead and zinc wicks, and paraffin.