House Cleansing Set
Wyld Ravin

House Cleansing Set

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House Cleansing set is designed to supply you with everything you will need for the first time using Sacred Smudging. Included in this kit is an 8 ounce Sea Salt and Sage candle, a bottle of Sage Myst, a sage stick, an abalone shell, sweetgrass tea light, and a feather. I have also included a set of directions and a prayer to use during its use. 

This kit makes an excellent housewarming gift or any occasion! It has everything you would need to start off this sacred ritual of clearing unwanted energy from your space. Just light the candle in a central room, take your sage stick, feather, and abalone shell and begin "smudging" your home or area. Smudging is using the smoke of the smoldering sage stick and using the feather, directing it into corners and up, around and under furniture and yourself. The abalone shell is used to catch any ash and/or embers from the sage stick, which is easily lit with a match, lighter, or even a candle flame. When finished, you can tamp out the sage stick in the abalone shell, and if you choose to use the spray to spray in corners, or wait and use it for "touch-ups" later, or even use in your vehicle, or at work, or in a room (such as a child's) that may not be healthy to burn smoke in the room. The use of the prayer included is your choice. You may use the prayer of your own choosing, of your own faith, or the prayer included.

*Please open a window or many windows even a crack to help the negative energy to escape and keep your home from getting too smokey. 

I hand pour each batch of candles and colors may vary a bit because of this, but I take great care with each candle I make. I use only soy wax and cotton wicks for the healthiest and cleanest burns, I use therapeutic grade essential oils, and at times pure fragrance oils. My candles are free of phthalates, lead and zinc wicks, and paraffin.