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Wyld Ravin

Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel Gabriel means "God is my Strength", and is one of the Angels that many people call upon, neither male nor female, Gabriel often embodies more feminine energy due to his/her association with the Moon and flowing inspiration to you. Gabriel is known to help inspire writers and is the Patron Saint of writers, teachers, journalists, and artists. Call upon Gabriel when you are in need of inspiration, a spark of creativity, or direction to move forward. 

I hand pour each batch of candles and colors may vary a bit because of this, but I take great care with each candle I make. I use only soy wax and cotton wicks for the healthiest and cleanest burns, I use therapeutic grade essential oils, and at times pure fragrance oils. My candles are free of phthalates, lead and zinc wicks, and paraffin.