Our Story . . .

     Hi! I am Stacey, owner and creator of Wyld Ravin, welcome! Allow me to take a moment to introduce myself, and to let you know a little about how I got here.

     I began pouring candles out of necessity, not being able to find the candle I needed for the intention I wanted, and then to find one that didn’t make my allergies go crazy. So, when I decided to start pouring candles, I knew that they had to be natural. Wyld Ravin is a cumulation of years working towards a more natural based life, and that included the products I used as well as consumed. 

     My candles are made from all natural, domestically grown soy wax, and are phthalate free, all cotton wicks and natural dyes. I grow many of the herbs that I use within them, and purchase the others from organic sources. I hand pour every candle, this allows me to give each one my attention, and also accounts for differences in the color at times. Pouring small batches ensures the best quality, and with each one, I am able to focus the best intentions and love into them. 

     I couldn’t do this without the support of my husband. He is my foundation, my source of calm and reason. It is this that has given me the wings to soar and share my gifts with all of you. 

Thank you for all the support you have given Wyld Ravin.