My Story . . .

📜✨ My Story: Embracing the Wyld Journey ✨📜

🕯️ Candlelight has always held a special place in my heart. It's a beacon of hope in the darkest of nights, a symbol of warmth and comfort. But as I sought candles to align with my intentions and soothe my spirit, I found myself on an elusive quest. Commercial candles left me unsatisfied, and my allergies longed for something pure.

So, with a heart aflame with determination, I ventured into the realm of candlemaking, guided by my inner witch and a deep connection to the Earth. 🌿

🕯️🌌 I started crafting candles like a modern-day alchemist, merging the wisdom of nature with the art of intention. My candles are born from all-natural soy wax, cultivated with love on American soil. No phthalates or artificial colors find their way into my creations. Instead, I gather herbs from my own little enchanted garden, infusing each candle with Earth's blessings.

🕯️✨ Hand-pouring each candle allows me to embrace their unique quirks and infuse them with the utmost care and intention. You might notice subtle variations in color, but that's part of the magic! Every candle is a masterpiece, bottled with love and sent your way like a secret enchantment.

🤝 But I don't walk this path alone. My journey is intertwined with the unwavering support of my partner in magic, my husband. He is the grounding force that helps Wyld Ravin soar high.

💖 Now, as I share my handcrafted candles with the world, I extend my deepest gratitude to you, dear soul. Your love and support breathe life into Wyld Ravin, making every candle twinkle with joy and spark a little extra magic in the world. 🌟

Together, we'll keep embracing the wyldness and illuminating the path to empowerment, one candle at a time. 🌙🕯️✨

With love and light,

Stacey 🌟🔮🌌🌿🌙