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Wyld Ravin

Crystal Candle Collection

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Crystal Candle Collection is an assembly of candles and crystals created to meet your wildest wishes. As with my other enchanting candles, I've charged these for your specific intentions, sprinkled with some potent moon-charged crystals to make it extra powerful - a custom blend created just for you!

Attract - Topped with Citrine crystals, this lemon verbena scented candle is empowered to attract positive, uplifting energies, and help you attract more pleasure in your life.

Balance - Creating balance within yourself, this lotus & patchouli-scented candle will do just this. Lotus is a scent that connects with the feminine energies within, while deep earthy patchouli connects to the masculine energy. We all have both energies within us, and having them balanced helps us in understanding more and moving forward.

Clearing - Topped with Clear Quartz, this sea salt & sage scented candle goes a long way in clearing and cleansing your space. Sage is antibacterial and antiviral, so it covers so much. 

Connect Connecting with the earth, or grounding, is essential to help keep your energies stable and flowing. This tomato leaf scented candle takes your senses and helps you connect yourself to the earth plane and ground your energies.

Courage - Topped with Petrified Wood, this earthy candle scented with cedar & cypress, increases the feelings of courage and grounding you in your power. 

Grounding - Topped with Hematite, this pine and cedarwood candle helps ground you to Mother Earth, in your body and pull in those scattered energies. 

Healing - Topped with Morganite, this beautifully scented candle helps to heal those ancestral wounds that we carry through our lives. Ancient frankincense and sandalwood with hints of gardenia bring us back to the source for healing. 

Love - Topped with Rose Quartz, intoxicating scents of love, how can you not just use this to help with surrounding yourself with self-care, drawing in romantic love, and loving others. 

Manifest - Topped with Citrine, these heavy manifesting candles pairs with orange and bergamot will heighten all your manifesting endeavors.

Peace - Topped with soothing Emeralds, this peace-attracting candle will fill the room with peaceful, relaxing scents of Morrocan spices and energy. 

Release - Topped with Apatite, release all your worries and fears with these candles. By adding geranium, sage, and a touch of vanilla, this pairing will give you the energy and grounding to release that which no longer serves you. 

de-Stress - Topped with Amethyst, what else could be a better match to help you release stress in your life. Lavender, Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang put yourself in a stress-free zone to decompress after a long day.

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