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Wyld Ravin

Sacred Space Tea Light Set

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Sacred Space Tea Light set is perfect for using candles to cleanse your space. Each box contains four different types of candles, Sea Salt & Sage and Palo Santo are common scents to cleanse negativity from your space. While Sweetgrass is used to draw in positive energy and love to fill what you released from the clearing. Ominous is used for those heavy traffic areas where negativity is heavy and hard to remove. Each of these candles is also available in 8-ounce sizes.  

I hand pour each batch of candles and colors may vary a bit because of this, but I take great care with each candle I make. I use only soy wax and cotton wicks for the healthiest and cleanest burns, I use therapeutic grade essential oils, and at times pure fragrance oils. My candles are free of phthalates, lead and zinc wicks, and paraffin.