Wyld Ravin


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Shadowlands, this candle was designed to assist you in working with your shadow. What is 'your shadow'? It is the unconscious part of our personality that we suppress as we grow because we can not make sense of or deal with it. Working on our shadow work unlocks these suppressed parts and gives us the chance to heal them, deal with them and overcome some of our obstacles. Shadow work allows us to rise above our old programming and Know Thyself. 

This candle has been formulated with aromatherapy to help ease you into meditation and/or journey and support you through this work, encouraging your progress. 

I hand pour each batch of candles and colors may vary a bit because of this, but I take great care with each candle I make. I use only soy wax and cotton wicks for the healthiest and cleanest burns, I use therapeutic grade essential oils, and at times pure fragrance oils. My candles are free of phthalates, lead and zinc wicks, and paraffin.